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Design Ideas For Contemporary Kitchens

Design Ideas For Contemporary Kitchens


Natural Materials

Wooden countertops, stone or tile accents and other organic materials exude a sense of natural beauty that make any lifestyle kitchen style come alive. With captivating charm and style, contemporary kitchens radiate class and modern sophistication when paired with these delightful natural materials. Add an artistic touch with creative juxtaposition on these organic materials to ensure your kitchen displays unique character. Reinvent the modern twist everybody is seeking in their kitchen to captivate its viewers and bring the elemental aesthetics of nature together.

Bold Colours

Are you looking for an eye-catching kitchen look? Opt for bright, bold hues! Add a pop of saturation to your walls and cabinets to instantly brighten up your cooking area. Colour blocking is always an option; start with just one vibrant colour, or try out complimentary tones throughout the room. Amp up traditional finishes, like white cabinets and flooring, with vivid pigments to create an energetic atmosphere, then mix in subtle neutrals for a well-balanced effect. Bring life and character back into your kitchen with a modern flair–are you ready to be bold?


Are you looking to create an open and airy layout? Removing unnecessary walls or cabinetry may just be the trick you need! With their removal, the flow of traffic in your space will become enhanced and uninterrupted. It’s time to let go and experience the beauty of an open plan! Let this strategy work its charms to discover a freeing, new energy in your space. There’s no better time than now to own it and free up valuable real estate in your home. Embrace your freedom with an airy atmosphere today!


Take advantage of beautiful natural light when possible, but add sparkle to your space with stylish pendant lights and recessed lighting. Create maximum drama within the room, using lighting to really draw the eye in and make a statement. By incorporating these clever additions to your design plans you’re establishing an exciting effect that won’t be soon forgotten. Not only do they capture attention and help lift a space, but they demonstrate adventurous design decisions too.

Smart Storage Solutions

Do you often run out of storage space? Install some clever storage solutions in your home! Pull out cupboards, hidden drawers and space-saving shelves will help you drastically increase the available storage for all kinds of items, from kitchen utensils to clothing. Imagine having easy access to all of your things without losing any usable floor space. Utilizing such smart storage solutions boosts function and helps budding homeowners maximize the potential of their homes. Invest in a more organised future today and reap the benefits of improved convenience tomorrow!

Stainless Steel Appliances

Add a touch of modernity to your home and make cooking your favourite meals easier than ever with premium stainless steel appliances! An oven, sink and fridge all made from durable, sleek stainless steel materials give your space that contemporary look you desire. Transform your space into a fantastic culinary haven with the brilliance of stainless steel! Forget ordinary – now you can have extraordinary appliances that offer superior style and function at the same time. Trust in food safety when you know all your appliances are made of high-quality stainless steel. Treat yourself to efficiency and convenience combined in one lifelong investment. Invest in outstanding longevity with these top of the line stainless steel tools perfect for any professional or home kitchen!


Are you looking to give your contemporary kitchen a modern, polished upgrade? Minimalistic decor is definitely the way to go — with its cleverly-placed touches, scenes of minimalistic design create maximum impact with no clutter. When it comes to stylish contemporary kitchen looks, it’s all about capitalising on the minimalist elements: start with cleaner lines, remove excess trinkets, bathroom and beauty products clutter around the sink, select one statement piece instead of a accessories overload in your cabinets and storage units. Make sure everything has its place.

Statement Pieces & Accessories

Inject some timeless style into your wardrobe with a few bold accessories and statement pieces. Show the world that you are confident and unique with carefully chosen items. An elegant accent or a bold burst of colour is an easy way to make any look pop, drawing eyes irresistibly to your outfits. Get creative and find those touches that truly speak to your individual character! If you have something special to stand out from the crowd, add it and style away. Let yourself shine bright for everyone to admire.

Living Walls

Bring nature into your kitchen with living walls. For a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by greenery, replenish your work and cooking space by incorporating various herbs and plants into the environment. Clean air will regulate throughout your home with the addition of these living pieces. Not only will it lend a more natural look to your kitchen, but you can truly benefit from these simple touches in the long run. Consider using these healthy features as part of your aesthetic refreshment routine; they are affordable and full of life.

Artwork & Décor

If you want an ultra modern kitchen that’s a cut above the rest, incorporating artwork or wall décor can transform the entire look and atmosphere of the space. Not only does it dramatically liven up a room, but to inject even more personality try something completely unique to you. Doing so will add a distinctive flair that isn’t like any other. Make it something you truly love and enjoy looking at – because having artwork and décor grants extra warmth and welcoming feeling when you walk in. Check out our guide to really maximise your designer kitchen’s potential.

If you’re looking for a contemporary kitchen design that stands out from the crowd, read more in our guide here.

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These days an increasing number of clients are opting for stylish handle-less kitchen cabinets and drawers. Not only does this style give kitchens a contemporary feel due to the streamlined and uncluttered, but it’s also easier to use.

One of the reasons for their growing popularity is that it makes the transition from kitchen to dining room much smoother (which is an important style choice in these days of heightened Open Plan Living).

Another reason they’re firing up the kitchen-buying public’s imagination is that they are more hygienic since they are so easy to keep clean. They are also safer with children around since there’s nothing for them to run into (or you to bang your hip on). Another advantage is there’s nothing to catch your own clothing on.

Varieties of handle-less kitchen cabinets

There are currently three different types of handle-less kitchen cabinets available on the market today, with each having their own unique attributes. They are:


So called because this is the preferred type of German kitchen manufacturers, this simple and stylish look focuses on a continuous rail built above or next to the cabinet doors. This means your hand can rest above or to the side of the door and pull it open from behind.


This type of kitchen cabinet has a groove built into the top or the bottom of the cabinet door so that it can be opened with ease. It’s simple and elegant. Available in 21 colours.


The most fun to use, the Push to Open kitchen cabinets and drawers work with a mechanical mechanism. Pressing on the door opens it while a gentle push closes it. It does away with the need for finger-pulls and leaves no gaps between drawers, making it look incredibly neat. It’s also easy to clean because there’s no grove for crumbs and dirt to gather in (like the integrated cabinets). The one disadvantage? Accidentally lean against a cabinet and it’ll open.

The case for handles

Not everyone wants handle-less cabinetry and for the handle devotee the news is good; there are so many new and impressive designs and finishes around today (antique copper being a personal favourite) that it’s going to feel like an impossible task to choose. Still, better too many than too few! Check out some of the latest styles here.

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Stay up to date with our insightful articles, how to guide's and case studies

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